New large Georgian style country residence

EP Architects Ltd, were initially appointed to design a sympathetic extension and undertake alterations to a Grade 2 listed farm house, to provide additional accommodation. The house had undergone an earlier extension which did not make full use of the property’s internal layout.  During the design and consultation process, EPA established that additional unlawful works had been carried out to the listed property previously. This coupled with the approved extension meant volume restraints imposed by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) had been exceeded.

Despite these restrictions EPA found a solution which pleased all parties.  During the planning approval process the building was subject to an arson attack. There was very little of the building left that was of architectural merit and EPA worked together with Heritage England and successfully delisted the building.

With the building delisted, EPA and the client decided that a new ‘Manor’ type house would be better suited to site.  EPA produced a design for a mock Georgian house which was considerably larger than the previous house. Working closely with: Kingsway Planning, Lloyd Bore & Maidstone planning department, the size of the house was mitigated by a sympathetic landscaping to the design, which was provided by Lloyd Bore landscape consultants. EPA prepared photo montage images which reinforced the careful setting of the new house and gave the opportunity of seeing the proposed new house in its new landscape setting.

The proposals achieved Planning approval at the first application.

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